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Order processing

Order process

Can I also pick up my order? No. Since I only do this part-time, I don't offer pickup. I simply don't have the time for this.

How long does delivery take? ​Within Germany it is usually shipped one day after the order by DHL Warenpost (approx. 2-5 working days). Approximately half of the shipment is delivered after 2 working days.

I am not satisfied. Can I return the holder? The purchase can be canceled within 30 days. The condition for this is that the holder as well as the adhesive (unused / undamaged) are returned.

Can I get the mount as an STP / STL / GCODE file? No. Since design is the basis of my part-time work, I will not pass it on.

What payment methods are there? You can pay with the following payment methods: Credit card and debit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro, Discover, Diners, CUP and JCB) Giropay Immediately (Klarna) Paypal Advance payment (bank transfer)


What kind of glue is this? Sugru is an adhesive that hardens like a rubber. The adhesive can be removed without leaving any residue. However, this is a little more complicated after hardening. The glue is available in black, white, gray, red, blue or yellow. The glue can also be mixed with each other. This means that many color variations can be produced. The glue has a best before date. We store Sugru in the refrigerator to make it last longer. As soon as the order has arrived, the adhesive should be processed promptly. The working temperature of the glue is between -50 / +180 °C. The adhesive cures ~24 hours 3 mm / ~48 hours 5.5 mm / ~72 hours 8 mm at 21 °C. The longer you let the glue cure, the more likely it is that the mount will hold well. You can find more information about the adhesive in the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) from Sugru (under the FAQ).

Does the glue hold even at high speeds? According to experience reports, 299+ km\h are no problem. This also applies to naked bike riders :-)

Can the holder be removed again? The whole thing can only be dismantled to a limited extent and also depends on the contour of the helmet. However, this can be done by carefully cutting in the adhesive. Therefore, I recommend that if you are already thinking about dismantling the holder during assembly; not to use the full 3.5g and only apply it to the outside of the contact surfaces. Any residue that remains on the helmet and holder can then be done in detail with your fingernail. This then leaves no traces on the helmet.

Why aren't 3M adhesive pads used? The surface that needs to be glued is not flat, but curves around several axes (depending on the helmet). So flat adhesive strips are actually out of the question. The grooves that inevitably arise during 3D printing do not really provide an ideal adhesive surface. The adhesive pads are also not available in color. I was looking for an adhesive that would suit all requirements. For helmets that do not have such a complicated contour, we offer 3M adhesive pads in the shop under accessories.




I can't find a holder for my helmet in the shop. Can I have one created? If there is no mount for your helmet in the shop yet, I can also make mounts for your helmet. Write me a message using the contact form or by email. I'll get in touch as soon as possible. It usually takes me around 1-2 weeks to create a model because I do it part-time. Depending on how popular the helmet is and how much effort I estimate, mounts can be created for around €30. However, to create a mount I need a 3D scan of the helmet, a cast or the helmet itself. If you live near Witten, you can also bring your helmet by by appointment. A 3D scan only takes a few minutes. With an iPhone with Face ID you can also create sufficiently good scans yourself. Many common file formats are possible here. However, *.glb is preferred. If you would prefer to send a print, you will find instructions below on how to create such a print. I usually send pictures of the first 3D models as well as photos of the first 3D printed prototype (only for a print). I can send you the prototype upon request. This can then be used to check the fit and also the functions of the helmet.

Are there other colors too? The default color for the mount is black. Other colors can also be printed upon request. There may also be delivery delays (approx. 2-3 additional days). I'll let you know which colors I have in stock and when delivery can be expected. Special colors cannot be exchanged.

My Quickclip is stuck in the holder. How can I remove it? To loosen a stuck clip, I recommend using water pump pliers so that they rest on the holder on the one hand and press the clip out of the holder on the other. When squeezing the pliers, make sure that both legs of the quick clip are pressed together with your free hand. This means that a stuck clip can be removed very easily and without causing any major damage.

The quick clip is difficult to get into the holder. What can I do? In rare cases, I may have to rework the fit on the clip with a file so that the clip slides into the holder a little better. Unfortunately, this formation of grooves (~0.18mm layer thickness), which can cause this slight jamming, cannot be prevented with 3D printing. Further tips under "How can I rework the bracket?"

My Quickclip wobbles in the holder. What's wrong here? For use, I recommend the original GoPro quick clips, which offer a little more security thanks to the additional rubber. I can say from experience that other Quickclips are not always true to size.

Why are there already scratches on my mount when it was delivered? Since there may be minor inaccuracies in the area of the clip attachment, the accuracy is tested with an original GoPro clip. Unfortunately, this can result in slight scratches on the surface.

Why does the article text say that the bracket is just a sample? Since I cannot test all of the brackets, the printed model is just a sample.

How can I rework the bracket? A little post-processing is of course possible. I use a small metal finishing file for this. If there is no file available, I would use sandpaper. However, depending on the grain size, this can quickly become clogged. So keep an eye on the condition of the sandpaper here. With this I remove a small amount of material on the sides (green). This usually provides a solution if something gets stuck. A small edit on the main surface (blue) improves the clip's sliding in the holder. The fit between the holder and the quick clip should always be checked. The surface can then be smoothed a little again with a little heat treatment. (Lighter or very carefully with a small heat gun). This should allow the micrograph to darken slightly again. Please proceed very carefully.

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